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DSCN4610Exquisite are the details of creation

DSCN4617The master and original gardener

DSCN4601Did this for you and me..

Psalm 24:1

The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it

In the past few weeks I have gained a new respect and perspective on things..life…Nothing earth shattering. Just understanding and appreciation for the little things in life. My hubby, Mr. G. has needed my assistance as he recovers from an infection in his shoulder. I will not elaborate, but my little world was shaken a bit, after all he is the chef in this house. I am laughing at this. What is true, is that I am thankful for the capabilities of Doctor’s and Nurse’s, for their commitment to attend to the needs of the sick and infirmed. He has a wonderful nurse that has been assigned to see him once a week, to check up on him, and make sure that all is intact. Tremendous… In all of this I look at the world around me… a little confined right now, but I am focusing on the blessings of life on earth, in the simplicity of a little flower that smiles at me and brings me joy. I am taking time to get my house in order…that includes my heart..doing some weeding there,  to make room for what is healthy, so that it will bloom and be beautiful.

Mystery Woman


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DSCN6285While changing channels last night I caught the tail end of a documentary on this woman painted on the wall, in the town of Cottage Grove, Or. We had stopped there on our way home one rainy afternoon to get a glimpse of the town. I took the opportunity to take as many photos as I could, despite being challenged by raindrops. I was across the street from this building and did not get a really good look at it. I recall wondering who she was. Well that was in June of 2014. To my surprise as I began watching the program, it gave me a great deal of information on the woman on the wall. Her name is Opal Whiteley. I hope that you will look her up, as she certainly has some interesting history behind her. I am including a few other photos of what we saw that day.

DSCN6276DSCN6277DSCN6280I really appreciate observing what residents contribute artistically to their community.

Inner Grumbling


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Earlier this morning, I began to tidy up our home, knowing that, we were going to have a visitor stop by later in the day. We have four cats and live in a small home and so we have resorted to keeping the cat litter box out in the garage. Therefore a door is left open, so they can get in and out easily. Most days there is cat litter residue, fur, cat kibble to be found on the floor and if they venture outside to the back yard, they will often return with either wet or muddy paws. Yes, they leave small paw prints but with when they dry, there are a lot of little prints to clean up after. They haven’t figured out that they can wipe their little paws on the small rug by the door.  As I tugged on our heavy vacuum cleaner,  I began grumbling within and fretting about the chore ahead of me. The more I grumbled, all of a sudden I heard, “a dirty floor is the least of your problems.” I was gently reminded that I was making a mountain out of a mole hill attitude.

DSCN4597One of our furry friends can do no wrong in my eyes. When I am gloomy in thought she always brightens my day with her sweet personality and cat antics.

DSCN4580Cats do not complain or grumble, just give them something comfy to lay on and they are usually content..

DSCN4579Ally, has claimed this blanket, that was given to my husband at the hospital, as her own. I continue to learn life’s lessons from our furry friends.

In the Beginning


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I wonder how many of us have been hovering over our plants looking for signs of newness, signs of life in the form of blooms. We have not seen a single snowflake this winter. Maybe a few of you would have been willing to auction some of your snow off to the highest bidder. I like new beginnings and I may be repeating myself but it is true. I appreciate opportunities that allow me to make improvements, to change for the better, to make better choices and decisions. This time of the year represents for many, New Life, Resurrection. A new day to revive perhaps what has gotten stale in our daily regime. Here is a little preview of what’s happening in our yard. I see beauty in the face of a flower. Ladybugs are a reminder that all is ok and that God is in control..

DSC_0027DSC_0011DSCN4381The detail on this pansy blows me away and blesses my soul..

DSC_0030We are called to  walk by faith and not by sight. We were not seeing signs of spring, and even though we knew it was coming we wanted to see evidence. The little plants were doing their thing underneath the blanket of cold. Surviving without our help. Being patient and waiting for their time to shine and put a smile on our faces..

Broken Arrow, Broken Heart

Mother Hen:

Again I reblog Wild Hose Education. I have not even read the entire post as I know it is not for the faint hearted and right now I feel as though human beings are becoming more and more desensitized. If it isn’t abuse and murder of infants or children it’s people in the limelight seeing who can get away with less clothing, or television pushing the limits on perverseness and getting away with it. I do not like to think that my grandchildren are being exposed to such garbage.. from foul language to immoral decay. God help us.. God help the children and protect them, God help the animals.. their fate looks ugly and bleak for many. God help us a human beings, break our hearts for what breaks your heart. Expose darkness and help us to change our ways…

Originally posted on Wild Horse Education:

Fish Creek "hostages" at Broken Arrow, aka Indian Lakes Fish Creek “hostages” at Broken Arrow, aka Indian Lakes

Editorial by Laura Leigh, President of Wild Horse Education (WHE)

I am just in from the last round of tracking wild horses and roundups. Ten weeks on the road and all the ups and downs of the emotions of what I witness on the range, to all that transpires in the political drama storm in which our wild ones are thrust through no doing of their own, all takes a toll. Trying to do a simple report on the tour of Broken Arrow (aka Indian Lakes), the Bureau of Land Management facility in Fallon Nevada is almost an impossibility for me right now. So I gave it up and instead am going to write simply from my heart. If you do not like that idea and want a dry, “nearly-3000-wild-horses-in-the-facility, and-where-they-came-from” report, simply don’t read this editorial.

After the 2009/2010 roundup…

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